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    Paying efforts for an intensive people-to-people diplomacy
    Cập nhật 24/07/2019 15:06 Xem với cỡ chữ

    Running parallel with the Party’s external affairs and the government’s foreign relations, people-to-people diplomacy is described as a “three-legged stool”, one of the pillars actively contributing into the cause of national liberation, fatherland protection and construction and bringing Vietnam closer to international friends. At the southern province of Dong Nai, the provincial Union of Friendship Organizations (DUFO), which was known as quite “unfledged”, however did speedily imprint its role with assertive impressions in its people-to-people diplomatic activities. Of which, there were important and enthusiastic contributions paid by DUFO Chairwoman Bui Ngoc Thanh. 

    Taking a long time experienced in mass mobilization works, Ms. Bui Ngoc Thanh, since DUFO’s establishment under a decision of the provincial People’s Committee in 2013, has swiftly been in tune with the people’s diplomatic activities while holding the post as the executive Vice Chairwoman of DUFO for its first tenure. Not only Dong Nai but also other localities at that time, the expression “people-to-people diplomacy” seemed to be ambiguous and vague. Being awares of this, Thanh made herself and other DUFO officials registered for professional training courses organized by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations. “This is a necessary activity to help the staff in charge to have a firm and basic platform for people’s diplomacy. From that, they can put themselves into practice. Besides, the process of self-study and learn from experience is also required,” Chairwoman Thanh stressed.

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    French Consul General to Ho Chi Minh city Vincent Floreani attends and delivers a speech at the  ceremony marking the 45th anniversary of Vietnam – France diplomatic ties

    According to DUFO Chairwoman Bui Ngoc Thanh, people-to-people diplomacy is actually the work of mass mobilization. People-to-people diplomacy covers a wide range of contents and specialized operation forms without any binding, ritual or formula. It can help various beneficiaries raise their voices, also make use of both reasoning and affection to persuade and enlist the advocacy of international friends to Vietnamese people. Therefore, persons in charge can not use order or bureaucracy or imposition but the clever and subtle approach. Such motto has been applied in the whole time Thanh took the office in a bid to step-by-step establish relations with general consulates of other countries, localities, organizations, associations, funds and foreign companies, etc.

    With the determination and initiation from the person in lead, DUFO has been getting the first steps towards maturity, days by days building up its positions, especially in the works of uphoding peace-solidarity-friendship as well as mobilizing foreign non-governmental aid. As it can be said, after five-year operation, people-to-people diplomatic activities implemented by DUFO and its associations did satisfy the practical demands, expand and establish relations with general consulates of other countries in Ho Chi Minh city and foreign companies doing investment in Dong Nai.

    Sharing about the mobilization of foreign non-governmental aid, DUFO Chairwoman Thanh said such works first require the actual demands at each beneficiary locality, then seeking suitable organizations or funds or associations taking into account of their specialized missions. “Regarding such activities, trust and prestige are very important. Therefore, our union sets the targets for productive and smooth cooperation with every organization in order to create a spreading effect. Before, at initial days after establishment, we were so hesitant and reserved. But now, foreign non-governmental organizations did themselves access us to be the bridge for their aid projects. I think that would be seen as one of our successes, Thanh shared.

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      However, the society as well as part of state officials in many levels have yet to receive an adequate awareness of the importance of people-to-people diplomatic activities. Besides, member friendship associations have not yet exploited their expected potentials, causing limited spread among society. Accordingly, how to let a person holding affections towards some other country join in exchange activities hosted by those member associations is still left open as Thanh’s concerns.

    As per course of plans in the time ahead, Chairwoman Thanh said DUFO will focus its attempts on improvement of quality and intensification for people-to-people diplomatic activities. In which, staff in charge will be trained to become knowledgeable, skillful, scientific, effective and professional as which will help them create trust and the ability to convey the national culture to international friends. Member associations must strive to diversify and intensify these activities to build a more extensive network among all social classes. Cooperation together with development is the new tendency in terms of foreign non-governmental promotion. Therefore, foreign non-governmental organizations will not only provide financial and material assistance but also accompany beneficiaries by offering them training for scientific and technical transfer. The Dong Nai Union thus needs to prepare necessary conditions to enable the receipt of such aid effectively.

    Along with endeavours paid by DUFO, Chairwoman Thanh hopes that the role of people-to-people diplomacy will soon receive greater recognition by the Party, authorities and the mass in the new context.

    Passing through a period of time which is not too long nor too short, Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations led by its Chairwoman Bui Ngoc Thanh has actively contributed into a more intensive performance of people-to-people diplomacy, building long spans for the traditional relations and people exchange to be strengthened, especially promoting the images of Dong Nai’s land & people towards international friends.

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