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    Bustling with emulation movement to welcome DUFO's second congress (2018 – 2023 tenure)
    Cập nhật 24/07/2019 14:49 Xem với cỡ chữ

    Heading towards the second congress of the Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations (DUFO) for the tenure of 2019-2024, lineup of bustling activities as well as emulation movements have been launched by DUFO and its member associations. Notably, a special emulation aims to earn achievements welcoming DUFO congress and its 5th birthday anniversary, striving to excellently complete the assigned tasks in 2018.

    Some activities highlighted in such special emulation – boosting patriotic emulation movements, focusing on core political missions, launching many campaigns "Joint efforts to build new-style rural areas in the period of 2016 – 2020", "The whole country joins hands for the poor – No one left behind", combining the emulation movements with the widespread campaign "Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style", heightenning responsibility, theory accompanied by practice, keeping good discipline and rules on duty of public officials and labour, etc. Creating an eager atmosphere, the said special emulation movement attracted massive attendants being public officials and DUFO members, building on the crucial role of DUFO and its member associations towards the province's people-to-people diplomacy.

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     Subject to hands-on situation, member friendship associations do build up its own plans in response of the said emulation by ways of practical activities such as: the provincial Vienam-Korea Friendship Association held a ceremony welcoming the 4350th anniversary of the national Foundation Day of the Republic of Korea and fifteen disadvantaged students received VND2 million-valued scholarships at the ceremony, children's painting competition titled "Blue Peace" was launched by the provincial Vienam-Japan Friendship Association, the Dong Nai-based Vietnam-Russia Federation Friendship Association held a get-together to mark the 101st anniversary of of Russia's October Revolution, the Vietnam-China Friendship Association contributed VND22 million in support of Vietnamese northern provinces where badly suffer from flooding damages and making sponsorship to the Association for taking care of martyrs' families in Dong Nai, the provincial Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association made a visit themed "Back to the battlefields" through Laos-Cambodia-Thailand, presenting VND10 million along with gifts to school for Vietnamese students in Tonlé Sap lake (Siem Reap, Cambodia) including 200 kilograms of clothes, books and stationery, cultural exchange on the occasion of Loy Krathong festival celebrated by the provincial Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association.

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    This special emulation movement has also brought a new ebullient atmosphere to public officials working at DUFO office. Some achievements obtained in respect of its main functions are as follows: spreading propaganda to public officials and 5,000 members and people across the province about the missions as well as accomplishments in terms of people-to-people diplomacy done by of DUFO and its member associations during the past five years since its founding and development. Boosting people-to-people exchange activities in an attempt to tighten friendship ties with other countries by means of conference, training course, get-together, ceremony, i.e. establishment of three friendship associations, get-together marking the 39th anniversary of victory of the Southwest Border Defense War and the joint victory of Viet Nam and Cambodia over the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime (January 7, 1979-2017); celebrating the 45th anniversary of Vietnam-France diplomatic ties (1973-2018) and French National Day (1789- 2018); holding a conference to exchange experience between friendship associations; congratulating the 65th National Day of the Kingdom of Cambodia, etc. More than VND53 billion [Ms.1] have been funded to support humanitarian and charity activities in the province, i.e. call for houses to offer to poor households living in outlying region and areas home to ethnic minority community, erecting clean-water supply system, renovating downgraded schools, offering scholarships, etc. Those achievements have significantly contributed to a strong organization, excellently accomplishing the assigned political tasks ahead of DUFO's second congress for the 2018-2023 tenure.


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