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    Fostering cooperation and mobilization of foreign non-governmental aid – steps toward maturity of Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations
    Cập nhật 23/07/2019 16:34 Xem với cỡ chữ

    In the period of 2013-2018, Dong Nai welcomed 158 turns of delegations (from foreign non-governmental organizations, companies, funds and associations) who come to the province to execute 219 projects and non-project aid. Around US$8,454,984, equivalent to VND196 billion were pledged to be given.

    Inflows of aid funded from foreign non-governmental organizations (FNGO) into Dong Nai in the past five years have been distributed to many fields like health, education, training, social welfare, prevention of natural resources and environment. They help support the province’s socio-economic development by means of material and technical support, also enhance the acknowledgment as well as friendship ties between Dong Nai people and others. Devoting to these accomplishments was Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations (DUFO). Starting as a tenderfoot five years ago, DUFO has tirelessly paid its efforts in an attempt to stand firm and confident as a mature organization as now in its fifth birthday.


    Conference on promotion of FNGO assistance for Dong Nai province, held in Ho Chi Minh city (2016)

    In the post of DUFO chairwoman, Mrs. Bui Ngoc Thanh can’t help but fret about the heaps of hurdles that the union had been through during its first days. Hurdles piled up as unarranged office, unfledged works, young staff who were mainly new and inexperienced graduates. Receiving the attention from the provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee, DUFO, by its indefatigable determination, has quickly stabilized its organization, proactively conduct researches in order to find its own path that fit the practical situation in localities. The requirement set out is that the work of mobilization of FNGO’s aid must be executed together with its mission for peace, solidarity, friendship and people-to-people diplomacy. Being able to circle the right direction is definitely a good beginning that may bring back successes to DUFO and contribute to a better people-to-people diplomacy as well.

    To keep its works going in the right direction, DUFO often utilize instructions from the People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM), the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and its Southern Office. Besides, it always presents a proactive manner in learning effective models from other unions, singing a coordination memorandum with the Ho Chi Minh city Union of Friendship Organizations in respect of FNGO scope. To create a legal framework for FNGO management, DUFO remained a close cooperation with provincial departments to advise Dong Nai People’s Committee to issue Decision No. 73/2014/QD-UBND dated December 31st, 2014 regulating the management of FNGO activities and distribution of their aid in Dong Nai; Decision No. 2509/QD-UBND dated August 13th, 2014 launching the program on promotion and mobilization of FNGO assistance in the province (2014-2017).

    Well-organized conferences on promotion of FNGO assistance, as it can be said, were part of the achievements as well as beautiful impression from representatives of foreign diplomatic bodies, FNGOs and business associations. It's strongly believed that these FNGO projects will continue blooming in the southern province of Dong Nai. The provincial leadership, thanks for these activities, did introduce to FNGOs as well as international friends the province's situation in terms of achievements and hurdles, its demands, prioritized sectors and areas calling for FNGO aid. The province has sent its commitments towards administrative reform and curtailment, creating favourable conditions for FNGOs cooperation.


    Proactive, creative and dynamic would be the adjectives to describe remarkable characteristics of the Standing board of DUFO in their mission to mobilize assistance from FNGOs. They keep regular research for course of actions as well as tendency of FNGO aid, then giving guidance to grassroots units to review the actual demands before planning a project. By means of delegations, conferences, email exchanges with each FNGO, DUFO has help connect hundreds of projects calling for foreign aid to 113 turns of FNGOs, sponsorship associations and foreign diplomatic bodies as well. Behind negotiations and cooperation entered between FNGOs and departments / local authorities who are in need of assistance, it's an indispensable role of DUFO to directly connect the both sides. The board did accompany FNGOs and sponsors in each of their on-site survey for setting up project, follow up with such FNGOs as well as localities from the ground-breaking stage until the project has been completed. The work of acceleration and inspection was closely followed up. Thanks for that, DUFO Standing Board has successfully built a trustworthy relationship with FNGOs and international friends, being reliable  towards local authorities, local people and the DUFO in particular.

    Since training is determined as a crucial step in FNGO promotion work, every year DUFO appoints its standing staff to PACCOM-host training courses for essential skills, including negotiation, project management and FNGO promotion. Nine training courses for FNGO promotion work were held by the Dong Nai-based union with 2,295 cadres, officials and staff working at member friendship associations and people's organizations located in Bien Hoa city and other district-level localities. Via these training programs, positive changes have been recognized in each involved staff in terms of awareness, responsibility and professional skills. 

    Despite the current decline of policies and funds for sponsorship in Vietnam from foreign governments and FNGOs, those inflows into Dong Nai are still recording a bustling atmosphere with regard to the increase of aid's quantity and value (45 FNGOs in 2018, compared to 23 FNGOs in 2014). Some organizations have been setting a long-term relationship with the province, such as Les Enfants Du Dragon (LED/France); Saigon Childen’s Charity (CIO/UK), Korean Cultural Center (ACEF/S.Korea); Cooperation and Participation in overeas (COPION/S.Korea), etc. As per the first ten months this year alone, Dong Nai welcomed 25 FNGOs and sponsors whose 37 projects and non-projects to be conducted in the provincial area, targeting education, health and social welfare. A total aid worth US$2,319,803, equivalent to VND53.355 billion, has been committed, up VND27.255 billion compared to those in 2017.

    These above mentioned achievements prove that the Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations has excellently completed its crucial role for FNGO promotion. In spite of its young age, DUFO has struggled and kept tireless efforts to stand firm in its mission of people-to-people diplomacy.

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