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    Overview on Dong Nai
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    On the evening of November 07th, 2016, the 20th Ceremony of Friendship and Cooperative Relationship between Dong Nai, Viet Nam - Gyeongnam, Korea (1996-2016) was held at Dong Nai Event and Convention center. The delegation of Gyeongnam province and more than 200 delegates including leaders of provinces, units and different strata of Dong Nai citizens attended the event. The ceremony was one of the parts of the event together with a lot of featured activities such as musical performance, planting, art exhibition, building constructions,... marking the time of cooperation and development between the 2 provinces with important remarks.

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    20 years of good relationship

    The relationship between Dong Nai and Gyeongnam started in 1990, and in May of 1996, 2 provinces officially signed a joint statement in every aspect to improve and enhance the relationship. Since that moment, the governments and citizens of both provinces have paid close attention to and boosted the economy and science & technology support activities, culture exchanges, trainings,… to achieve significant results from the relations of Dong Nai and Gyeongnam in particular, Viet Nam and Korea in general.

    In terms of economy, over the past 20 years, Dong Nai and Gyeongnam have had many delegation groups of trade investment promotion, supporting science & technology between the 2 provinces. Until September of 2016, many Korean investors from Gyeongnam became the biggest investors in Dong Nai province with 282 active projects with the capacity of 5,62 billion dollars. On this occasion, Dong Nai and Gyeongnam signed an agreement to boost the cooperation between the 2 provinces in terms of economy – culture – tourism; enhance economy cooperation based on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). .

    Besides economy, all activities about cultural exchange between the 2 parties are maintained and developed with many annual exchange trips and opportunities to discover all traditional customs and cultures together. Moreover, all training courses about human resources in Korea also improve qualifications of officials in the province. In 2013, Chairman/Chairwoman of Gyeongnam People’s Committee offered scholarships – Saemaul, to the officials who had the high job performance. According to relationship cooperation condition, the board of Dong Nai province chose 3 best officials to attend the Master training program in agriculture industry in Gyeongnam and a vice versa, the best official of Gyeongnam was also chosen to study and work in Dong Nai Province in 2017.

    v  Improving the friendship relations and people’s exchange


    Dong Nai improved the relationships with the board of Gyeongnam province in paticular and Korea in general to promote the cooperation of their citizens, especially in establishing the Friendship and Cooperative Relationship between Dong Nai, Viet Nam and Gyeongnam, Korea to improve the People Diplomacy and External Information, the relationships of departments and citizens between the 2 parties.

    With nearly 200 members after 6 months cooperation, DUFO has maintained the good relationship with many partners, especially Consulates General of Korea and the representative office of Gyeongnam- Korea in Ho Chi Minh city has hold many Training conferences on People Diplomacy and External Information with citizens, units and companies of  Korea to celebrate the 20th Ceremony of Friendship and Cooperative Relationship between the 2 provinces; the 25th Ceremony of  External Relationship between Viet Nam – Korea; and the 4348th Ceremony of the establishment of the Republic of Korea, given 50 scholarships sponsored by Korean companies for good students with disadvantaged situation, set up the friendship associations at Dong Nai university and Lac Hong university to develop association organizations to promote the image of our province & country to the citizens of Korea. All activities have had positive effects with many deep concerns from Consulates General of Korea in Ho Chi Minh city and all Korean companies in the province.

    With many achievements from the Friendship and Cooperative Relationship between Dong Nai, Viet Nam and  Gyeongnam, Korea for 20 years, two parties also try to develop their relationship more comprehensively to gain even more success in this cooperation.

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