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    People-to-people diplomacy contributed to the overall achievement of the country
    Cập nhật 20/09/2018 15:20 Xem với cỡ chữ
    As a socio-political organization responsible for people-to-people diplomacy, last year, The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) and its central and local members contributed actively and effectively to the diplomacy of the Party and State, playing an important part in consolidating the relationship between the people of Viet Nam and other countries in the world.

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    In 2017, the people-to-people work of VUFO continued to achieve positive results in many areas: The relationships with external partners continued to be diversified and multilateralized, the network of international friends was extended etc. The people-to-people diplomacy activities were directed to neighbor countries and Southeast Asia (Laos, Cambodia, China and ASEAN countries), countries with strategic and comprehensive partnership, countries with traditional ties.


    On the other hand, in 2017, VUFO successfully organized many important diplomatic activities, such as organizing “Friendly meeting to celebrate Dinh Dau Spring 2017”; organizing Vietnam-Cuba Friendly exchange to celebrate high-level delegation of Cuban National Assembly of People's Power; organizing Inauguration ceremony of the Vietnam – China Friendship Palace, with the attendance of China General Secretary, President Xi Jinping and senior leaders of the two countries; coordinating with Nhan dan Newspaper and Vietnam Television to organize a series of events  to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution; Vietnam – China People’s forum; the activities in the Vietnam-Laos Friendship, Solidarity Year; activities in the year Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship; the activities to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN, etc.


    The activities of aid mobilization from foreign non-governmental organizations (FNGOs) were met with difficulties, but the central and local organizations actively innovated the ways and diversified the aid sources, introduced and mobilized the organizations to fund the economic – socio – security development. As a result, there were 30 newly registered organizations operating in Vietnam, with more than 2.000 programs, projects, with the total committed value of aid amounting to 300 million USD. The FNGOs mainly supported poverty alleviation, socio-economic development, climate change adaptation, etc.


    In the coming time, VUFO will promote the people-to-people diplomacy activities toward the neighbor countries; continue to propagate widely about the ASEAN Community and its friendship, especially raising the awareness about the ASEAN Community among the people; deepen the people’s friendly relationship in all areas such as peace, solidarity, friendship, cooperation in culture, science and technology, economy; trade; tourism etc.; propagate about our country, people, development policies to friends all over the world.


    VUFO will promote the external information propaganda activities, make use of the new technologies to inform international friends about the situation of the country, the development in all aspects, the changes of the country and the challenges that we have to overcome.


    People-to-people diplomacy today must learn from the precious lessons in the past, that is the people-to-people relation must be reflected in a new modern working style. The cores of our people in treating friends in the world are the sincerity, loyalty, nobility, niceness, generosity, and good-nature. We must ensure that when visiting Vietnam, anyone who has had a bad opinion about Vietnam will have a new good opinion, anyone who loves Vietnam will love our country even more.


    The people-to-people diplomacy will make the most of the valuable experiences and teaching of Uncle Ho: “Under any circumstances, Vietnamese revolution always need international solidarity”. Maybe due to the geopolitical position of our country, we always had to fight against much larger enemies. Thus, we need the solidarity of international friends, in a story (?) that need to be consistent, remain unchanged. Everyone works in people-to-people diplomacy must be imbued with that. Other issues such as diplomatic skill, foreign language, professional knowledge etc. are always required and must be improved in the new situation.


    Nowadays, the situation in the region and the world is complicatedly and unpredictably changing. Besides opportunities, our country continue to face many difficulties and challenges. Therefore, the people-to-people diplomacy must call for the participation of the people, ensure the popularity in diplomatic activities. To achieve that, the people-to-people diplomacy activities must be promoted at the base and local level, where a large number of people contribute to build up the friendly relationship between the people of Vietnam and other countries; take advantage of the help of the international people to support Vietnam in the course of developing and protecting the country.

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