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    Saigon Children’s Charity CIO: 22 Years of Accompanying Poor Children in Dong Nai
    Cập nhật 20/09/2018 14:57 Xem với cỡ chữ

    On November 2, 2017, Saigon Children’s Charity CIO (SCC) celebrated its 25th Foundation and Development Anniversary, Since its establishment, SCC has supported more than 2,000 children each year with 35,000 scholarships, 3,000 bicycles, 10,000 students trained for jobs, 480 new classrooms and so on to help them with a comprehensive education and a more equal start-up in their lives.

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    After 3 years of establishment, in 1995 SCC started to support Dong Nai with such activities as building schools and school environment, scholarship program and development projects. In 2016-2017 academic year alone, SCC supported 343 pupils and 62 students in Dong Nai, built 3 classrooms for Nguyen Chi Thanh Primary School (Bien Hoa City) with a total sum of over VND2 billion.

    What makes SCC’s difference is the “accompanying” factor. The scholarship programme does not mean supporting the pupil only once but accompanying him and his family for a long term in order to find out the best way for them to get out of the poverty sustainably, during 22 years of accompanying poor children in Dong Nai Province, SCC has set up a community network to support children development which is closely linked to teachers, local representatives in order to assess the need of each young child, monitoring his progress to promptly give him related supports for his access to education including financial support, books and notebooks, bicycles, glasses, health care, training for jobs, developing soft skills, especially regular meetings to listen to pupils, sharing with them, encouraging them and giving them and their families a consultancy to help them overcome difficulties in their lives.  

    For SCC, the biggest challenge is not the fund raising but the way how to persuade pupils’ parents to let their children go to school and at the same time to maintain the children’s going to school because there are lots of difficult situations that make the parents keep their children at home to earn living or the children themselves are not able to go to school because of those difficulties. They have to quit their schooling to spend their time sharing jobs with their parents. Encountering those situations, SCC has always tried its best to support children by visiting each pupil’s family, together with teachers convincing pupils’ parents and encouraging pupils to continue their schooling. SCC understands “Education is the best way for them to get out of poverty.”

    Having accompanied poor children in Dong Nai for 22 years, SCC has helped a number of pupils and students with difficult circumstances continue their schooling, together with the local authority decreasing the ratio of dropouts in the province. Not only the pupils themselves but their parents, teachers and the local authority show their gratitude for SCC’s supports. I still remember once going with SCC staff members to give scholarships to pupils in Thua Duc Commune, Cam My District. I witnessed a number of parents whose pupils were given the scholarships lingering till the end of the ceremony in order to directly say thank- you to the SCC staff for their precious supports. Their lingering and hand touching showed their sincere thanks and love for SCC and SCC staff members who had been accompanying the locality for many years.

    As for Dong Nai Province, in order to confirm SCC’s positive contributions in the last years, the Provincial People’s Committee has presented a Certificate of Merit to SCC at its conference to partially sum up the foreign non-governmental aids promotion programme of the province in the 2014-2017 phase. 

    On the way of 25 years of its foundation and development, SCC has spent its 22 years accompanying poor children in Dong Nai. This is an evidence for SCC’s close connection and effective supports in Dong Nai. Hope that with its good objective and its on-the-right-track operation, SCC will be more and more developed and effectively operational in order to accompany the Government of Dong Nai in particular and Vietnam in general supporting more and more poor children for their brighter future.

    BOX 1: “The founder of SCC was a teacher who understood the power of education for the building of a child’s future. For me, a monetary support can meet an urgent need only.  We would like to give children opportunities to nourish their bigger dreams for their lives with knowledge and skills. When they have knowledge, life skills and jobs in their hands, children will have bigger opportunities which means using the “fishing pole” to catch “fish” for themselves and their families. Education gives them hopes and opportunities to get out of poverty.” – emphasized Mr. Tim Mullett, Managing Director of SCC. 

    BOX 2

    Tran Duc Nhan (Cam My District, Dong Nai Province) – student of Ho Chi Minh City Polytechnic

    “I have received SCC scholarships since I was in Grade 2. The scholarship has helped ease my parents’ worries because my family is a big one with lots of matters to be worried about. In the summer of 2015, after graduation from high school I started my preparations for the university entrance examination. At that time, I had to pick up rambutans to earn money to go to the city for the exam. I was so disappointed under such a big pressure. However, after talking to SCC staff members I was determined to continue my schooling. Now, a university student’s life is so different. The life is completely free but self-disciplined as well. I always tell myself that nothing is impossible if we try our best.”
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