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    Overview on Dong Nai
    Cập nhật 20/09/2018 14:41 Xem với cỡ chữ

    Implementing the external relation policies set by the Party’s Congress XII Resolution to enhance the effectiveness of external relation task, actively integrating in the world, firmly keeping the peaceful environment and creating advantages for the national development; based on the local implementation of the tasks given; in 2017, together with the Party’s and the Government’s external relations task, the people’s external relations task of Dong Nai Province was carried out with lots of flourishing activities, setting up and widening friendly relationship and solidarity with organizations, enterprises and people in other countries, creating favorable premises for the socio-economic development activities of the locality.

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    Promoting People’s Exchange Activities  

    Favorably located in the Southern Key Economic Zone, being one of the country’s leading industrial provinces in terms of FDI attraction, at present, Dong Nai has its economic cooperation relation and cultural exchange with more than 40 countries and territories in the world. Therefore, in recent years, in addition to policies on promoting the local economy, Dong Nai also focuses on the development of friendly relationship with people in other countries via people’s exchange activities. After 3 years of operating as an agency specialized in people’s external relations of the province, Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations (the Union) and bilateral friendship associations have effectively carried out a number of important people’s external relation activities, promoting the friendly relation between Dong Nai Province and organizations, enterprises and people in other countries. Particularly, in 2017, a great deal of significant external relation events between Vietnamese people and people in Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand and so on were solemnly organized showing a deep friendship and making good impressions on Consulates General in Ho Chi Minh City, people’s organizations and FDI enterprises being operational in Dong Nai.   

    One of the Union’s initial advantages is the interest and orientation of Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations; the close guidance of the Provincial Party’s Committee, the Provincial People’s Committee and the enthusiastic collaboration of specialized agencies in the province; People’s exchange activities carried out by the Union have gradually been in-depth which not only tighten friendly relations between Vietnamese people and people in other countries but also make contributions to advertising images of the locality, promoting the process of the socio-economic development of the province. Through cultural exchange activities, the Union has mobilized FDI enterprises’ donations to the province’s social welfare programmes, creating a close and sustainable relation between enterprises, international friends and people in the province.

    Having a Big Participation of People at all Levels

    In addition to the development of relationships with people’s organizations in other countries, the Union also pays attention to propaganda and mobilization to have locals’ participation in peaceful, friendly and internationally cooperative activities and events. One of the initial solutions is to foster the strength of socio-political organizations for the province’s external relation task via the signing of the jointly cooperative programme to combine the task of people’s external relations and the task of overseas Vietnamese for the 2017-2020 stage among the Union, the Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee and member organizations. This is considered premises for the collaboration and implementation of people’s external relations in the province to take place synchronously with better propaganda and effectiveness. 

    Moreover, the Union also focuses on the orientation for the operation of bilateral friendship associations in terms of their development of members and chapters; the cooperation with related agencies in the province to set up new friendship associations between Vietnam and France, China, the United States; the extension of locals’ participation and the enhancement of the entire society’s strength so that each citizen really becomes an ambassador for people’s external relations and the local socio-economic development.

    In 2018, not to be pleased with the results mentioned above, according to Ms. Bui Ngoc Thanh - the Union’s Chairwoman, the Union will keep promoting deep relationships with neighbouring countries and countries in the region; enhancing relations, actively cooperating with other agencies to carry out practical activities in the fields which are suitable for both sides, working as a bridge to promote collaborations in such fields as economics, culture, education and so on to create a new cooperation development with some big partners; to combine the task of foreign non-government with the task of peace, solidarity and friendship; to pay attention to the improvement of quality and effectiveness of programmes and  projects for social welfare and the province’s sustainable development targets.

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