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Vietnam - Laos relations: the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation
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Overseas Vietnamese affairs in Dong Nai Province
In early Spring meetings which are held every year, Dong Nai Provincial leaders have entrusted the young Overseas Vietnamese generations following the examples of their fathers and brothers to strive, apply their knowledge, devote their youth, enthusiasm to the development of Dong Nai province in the international integration process.

Deep concern for Overseas Vietnamese

From the perspective of Overseas Vietnamese considered as an integral part of Vietnamese people, the flesh and blood of Vietnam, the Party’s views and guidelines and the Government’s policies and laws have clearly reflected their deep concern for Overseas Vietnamese.

On March 26th, 2004,  Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam issued Resolution No.36 - NQ/TW on Overseas Vietnamese affairs and the Government also issued Decision No. 110/2004/QĐ-TTg dated June 23rd, 2004 on Overseas Vietnamese affairs and Directive No. 19/2008/CT-TTg dated June 6th, 2008 on further enhancing the implementation of governmental action programs regarding Overseas Vietnamese affairs.

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Overseas compatriots were ​taking calligraphy in the Spring.

For the last time, Overseas Vietnamese affairs have always been interested by Dong Nai provincial leaders, namely: Dong Nai Provincial Party Committee issued Notice No. 11-TT/TU dated November 15th, 2002 and Directive No.31/CT/TU dated April 20th, 2004 on strengthening the campaign affairs of Overseas Vietnamese and their relatives in the new situation; Provincial People’s Committee issued Plan No.11119/KH-UBND dated August 30th, 2008 on keeping on the  implementation of the Governmental action program of Overseas Vietnamese affairs. And recently, it is the Notice No.34-TT /TU dated August 24th, 2015 signed by the Standing Board of Provincial Party Committee on the implementation of Directive No.45 /TW of the Politburo dated May 19th, 2015 on continuing to promote the implementation of Resolution No. 36-NQ /TW of the Politburo, IX tenure of Overseas Vietnamese affairs in the new situation.


Sharing the spirit of unity and love

Dong Nai province has a quite crowded amount of Overseas Vietnamese and their relatives living in the countries around the world (32, 563 people), including many successful and reputed intellectuals, businessmen in the foreign countries. Most of them are Overseas Vietnamese whose relatives are living in Bien Hoa city with 10,104 people and 5,067 relative households. There are 5,018 people with the university or college level, 181 people with master level, 117 people with doctor level and 27,247 people with other educational levels.

Overseas Vietnamese aged 18 years old and over settling in countries around the world who have stable jobs accounts for 65 %, who are in school or jobless accounts for 35 % ( mostly in the age of 18 to 29) . Among 65 % of people with stable jobs, they have focused mainly on 02 sectors such as industry, accounting for 25% and services, accounting for 20 %; other sectors accounting for the low rate. Annually, there are more than 20 thousand entries of Overseas Vietnamese entering Dong Nai, mostly for visiting relatives in combination with domestic tourism, the rest for working, cooperation, investment, production, trade, service and participating in charitable, social activities.

The mobilization affairs of Overseas Vietnamese and their relatives associated with the movement “All people unite to build cultural lives in residential areas” have been supported by Overseas Vietnamese and their relatives, such as : delivering gifts for the poor, doing charity activities, providing production capital for households in difficult situation, building charity houses, schools. Overseas Vietnamese have also sent capital, goods, production material to help their realtives and people in the province to establish farms and businesses, contributing to provide thousands of workers with stable jobs .

To inform Overseas Vietnamese and their relatives with the Party’s guidelines and Government’s policies and laws, provincial leaders annually organizes  meetings to welcome the Lunar New Year for Overseas Vietnamese and their relatives sothat they have the opportunity to gather and exchange their thoughts,  daily lives in foreign countries; by that way, they can express their feelings, aspirations and desire to invest and work at hometown.

At these meetings, besides the provincial leaders’ greetings on Lunar New Year, the traditional Tet dishes, the rustic folk songs of the homeland, Overseas Vietnamese also have the opportunity to understand more about the locality’s socio - economic development, the attention of the provincial leaders by sharing our Overseas Vietnamese about the spirit of unity, love for overcoming difficulties and challenges to achieve the results as today’s