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Merle Ratner’s love for Vietnam to be treasured forever

In the early days of February, peace-loving people around the world and the Vietnamese people were surprised and saddened to hear the news that Ms. Merle Ratner - a special friend and comrade of Vietnam passed away in a traffic accident. She has made many great contributions to Vietnam - US relations and tirelessly worked for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange. She devoted her whole life to fight for peace, justice, freedom, and development in the world; happiness for the people; for rights and a better life for the poor.

Merle Ratner1.jpg 

The Memorial Service for American Peace Activist Merle Evelyn Ratner organized by Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations in Hanoi on February 16, 2024

The memorial service for Mrs. Merle Ratner was held on February 16, 2024, in Hanoi, in person and online to nearly 40 bridge points in the US and on the morning of February 29 (Vietnam time) in New York (USA), online with more than 100 bridge points in many places around the world.

Merle Evelyn Ratner was born to a Jewish-American family in New York City in 1956, affectionately called "Sister Mơ" by Vietnamese people. In the late 1960s, the movement protesting the US war in Vietnam reached its peak. At the age of 13, she actively took part in the anti-war movement and showed her support for the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. At that time, the public in the US and the world were impressed by a small girl climbing the Statue of Liberty and waving the red flag with a yellow star and slogans calling for an end to the wrongful war.

Merle Ratner 2.jpg

Ms. Merle Evelyn Ratner and her husband

According to Ms. Merle, the days of participating in the anti-war movement left unforgettable memories. In an interview, she said: "The first time I went to Washington, DC to participate in a protest, I joined a group of dentists. That protest attracted up to 1 million of participants and took place right in front of the United States Capitol Building. Another protest right in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York was also a memorable memory. At that time, I together with many African Americans protested against America's genocide against the Vietnamese people. I was arrested, and at the police station I refused to say my real age of only 13 years because I didn't want to be released but wanted to stay with my friends.

On April 30, 1975, Vietnam became a unified country. It was not only a great day for the Vietnamese people but also a happy day for progressive, peace-loving Americans. We had a map and every time we received news that a location was liberated, we marked it. We felt bursts of happiness when we saw the red flag with yellow star waving high on the roof of the Independence Palace. We felt very happy and excited because we realized that this victory is for the Vietnamese people but at the same time is also the victory for anti-imperialists around the world."

After the war, Ms. Merle Ratner continued to make great efforts to promote the process of normalizing Vietnam-US relations as well as support many of Vietnam's international activities.

In her role as co-founder of the "Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign - VAORRC", she has accompanied and helped the Vietnamese people heal the wounds of war, striving to mobilize organizations and individuals to support and seek justice for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, pressing the US Government and chemical companies responsible for cleaning up the environment in hot spots; compensate, provide health services, education, and create jobs for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/dioxin. Over the years, her organization has collected tens of millions of online signatures to help Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange sue. She is also the person who directly organizes trips for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange and dioxin to the US.

Expressed appreciation for Ms. Merle Ratner’s precious legacy and contributions to Vietnam, the Party, State and Vietnamese organizations and unions have awarded her many noble awards, including: Friendship Medal; Medal for peace and friendship between nations; Medal for the Development of Vietnamese Women; Agent Orange Service Medal ...

Merle Ratner 3.jpg     

Ms. Merle Ratner (right) in a peace support activity

 “Merle Ratner lived a beautiful and meaningful life. The feelings and legacy she left behind regarding the relationship and solidarity of the Vietnamese and American people will be a fire that continues to burn brightly in the belief in friendship, mutual understanding and respect, for peace, cooperation, and development between the two countries and the people of Vietnam and the United States in the present and the future”. – said Mr. Phan Anh Son, President of Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations

“My impression of Merle is that she is determined, energetic, and always ready to help those around her. She makes me understand more about her beloved Vietnam, about its history, culture and the efforts of the Vietnamese government in rebuilding the country." – said Mr. Bill Fletcher, a friend of Ms. Merle Ratner


“The passing of Merle Ratner is a huge loss for the peace movement in the US and Vietnam. She will forever be missed by those who love peace and fight for justice, freedom, and equality.” – said Mr. Tran Dac Loi, Vice President of the Vietnam Peace Committee, Vice President of the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation.

“Merle Ratner has accompanied the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, fighting for justice and mobilizing resources to support Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange. For 20 years, she has contributed to alleviating the pain of more than three million victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Expressing condolences at the passing of Merle Ratner, the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin will continue to carry out her unfinished plans in accompanying and supporting victims of Agent Orange.” -
​said Mr. Nguyen Huu Chinh, President of Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin.

 “I will bring Merle's ashes to Vietnam. I will continue the strong will of Merle, which is to develop the Vietnam-US people relations." – said Mr. Ngo Thanh Nhan - Vietnamese American, Merle Ratner’s husband.