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Foreign non-governmental affairs in 2023 delivered results beyond expectations
On February 2, 2024, at the Conference on the deployment of people-to-people diplomacy tasks in 2024 organized by Dong Nai province Union of Friendship Organizations, during the discussion session, Mr. Luong Thanh Tung - Member of the Standing Committee, Deputy Head of the Division of Foreign Non-Governmental Affairs (NGO affairs), Dong Nai province Union of Friendship Organizations informed about the results of NGO affairs in 2023 and shared some experiences on this affairs.

Accordingly, the Division of foreign non-governmental affairs, with the role of a specialized division on foreign non-governmental aid mobilization affairs, in 2023, has advised the Dong Nai province Union of Friendship Organizations to implement foreign non-governmental affairs in the province and achieved outstanding results, with a total funding commitment value of more than 109,841 billion dongs; compared to the same period in 2022, an increase of 70.8%, reaching 158% of the planned target.

2024-02-02.jpg Delegates attending the Conference on the deployment of people-to-people diplomacy tasks in 2024 posing for a group photo

These achievements are thanks to the close leadership and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee with many detailed guiding documents, creating unified and favorable mechanisms and policies for the foreign non-governmental affairs. The Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee soon issued the Circular and Plan to implement Directive 12 of the Central Party Secretariat and implemented specifically and drasticly people-to-people diplomacy affairs, which demonstrates high determination to raise awareness and boosts actions of party committees, authorities, sectors and organizations towards people-to-people diplomacy. In foreign non-governmental affairs, in addition to the Program on foreign non-governmental aid mobilization ansd cooperation promotion in Dong Nai province for the period of 2019 – 2025 (the Program), every year, the Provincial People's Committee approves the plan of DUFO and grants funds for implementing the Program. In the seminars on NGO affairs, there are close attention, attendance and guilding instructions of provincial leaders at all levels.

2024-02-02-2.jpg Vice Chairman of Dong Nai province People’s Committee Vo Van Phi awarding the Emulation Flag of Provincial People’s Committee in 2023 to the foreign non-governmental affairs division, Dong Nai province Union of Friendship Organizations.

In addition, the close coordination of departments, sectors, unions and localities and beneficiaries plays a very important role, bringing many benefits and practical meaning in implementing people-to-people diplomacy affairs, in cooperation, mobilization, receipt and deployment of NGO aid. The agencies have increased their responsibility and proactiveness in maintaining coordination plans between DUFO and many departments and sectors (especially, the coordination plan between DUFO and the Department of Planning and Investment, Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority is one of the important activities contributing to the successful implementation of the Program on foreign non-governmental aid mobilization ansd cooperation promotion in Dong Nai province). In recent times, many businesses have participated in social responsibility in the form of lists and projects calling for NGO cooperation and sponsorship in each specific field and area, not only creating favorable conditions for them to contribute to sustainable development in the community, but also diversifying sources of NGO aid in the province, promoting cultural exchanges, people-to-people exchanges, and building solidarity and friendship among the people of other countries and the people of Dong Nai province.

2024-02-02-3.jpg​ Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tri - Chairman of Dong Nai province Union of Friendship Organizations speaking at the Conference

In addition, the initiative, flexibility and creativity of the specialized human resource has promptly advised DUFO’s leaders to submit to the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee to issue guiding documents in implementation of Directives, Resolutions on people-to-people diplomacy and NGO affairs. For non-governmental organizations, the division regularly contacts, exchanges, provides information and introduces aid mobilization needs to non-governmental organizations and donors in many forms, helping foreign non-governmental organizations understand and implement projects in accordance with the sponsor's plan.

To implement the projects effectively, the foreign non-governmental affairs division organizes delegations to work, directly exchange with localities, NGOs, FDI enterprises; deploys training courses on people-to-people diplomacy and NGO aid mobilization, NGO aid promotion meetings to listen and remove difficulties in the implementation of projects in localities. As a result, many projects have been deployed quickly, many NGOs always accompany and maintain regular cooperation with the province.

Closing the year 2023, people-to-people diplomacy and NGO aid mobilization in Dong Nai province have achieved many positive results, the value of funding commitments increased significantly compared to 2022. This shows the attention of the provincial leaders, the close coordination of relevant agencies and departments; the initiative, flexibility and creativity of DUFO's specialized divisions that have focused on synchronously and effectively implementing the solutions for NGO aid mobilization and cooperation promotion, strengthening fiendship exchange activities; creating a positive impression, trust for many NGOs to continue to pay more attention to giving priority to Dong Nai and improving the effectiveness of NGO aid resources being implemented in the localities.