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5 outstanding results in foreign affairs in 2023

Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son emphasized that never before has the position, prestige and image of an independent, self-reliant, dynamic Vietnam... been as prominent in the international arena as it is today.

The above content was discussed by Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son before the 32nd Diplomatic Conference.

Talking about the outstanding results of foreign affairs in recent times, Mr. Son emphasized that since the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the world and domestic situation, in addition to opportunities and advantages, has seen many developments rapid and more complicated than forecast, many new difficulties and challenges more severe.

In that context, the tasks and requirements for foreign affairs are heavier than before.

“However, it can be affirmed that, with the outstanding efforts of the entire Party, the entire people and the entire army, foreign affairs and diplomacy have clearly affirmed the identity of "Vietnam’s bamboo diplomacy", which is an outstanding bright spot in the country's overall achievements," the Foreign Minister said.


On the afternoon of December 15, Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son informed about the bright spots in foreign affairs for the past time (Photo: Manh Quan).

Accordingly, he mentioned 5 outstanding results in foreign affairs over the past year in particular and the past half term in general.

Firstly, the foreign policy of the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam has been thoroughly organized and implemented in a synchronous, unified and effective manner.

According to leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central Government, the Politburo, and the Secretariat have approved many important foreign affairs projects and issued resolutions, directives, and conclusions to concretize the foreign policy of the 13th National Party Congress such as the Resolution of the 8th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (the 13th tenure) on the Strategy for Fatherland Protection in the new situation.

Secondly, more firmly consolidate the open foreign affairs situation, favorable for national development and national defense in the new period.

Mr. Son cited the number that in the past year, there were 45 visits led by key leaders to neighboring countries, strategic partner countries, most ASEAN countries, many important partners, and traditional friends.

Along with that, there were nearly 50 visits of leaders of countries to Vietnam, including historic visits such as the visit to Vietnam led by the General Secretary and President of China - Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden…

The Foreign Minister emphasized that the above activities have created new qualitative developments in our country's foreign affairs and international integration.

Along with that, the relationship framework with many important partners has been raised to new heights, political trust with many countries has been firmly consolidated, and cooperation has been increasingly expanded, substantively and effectively.


The visit to Vietnam led by General Secretary and President of China Xi Jinping on December 12-13 is considered “a historic visit”. (Photo: Manh Quan).

Thirdly, foreign affairs has promoted its pioneering role in maintaining a peaceful, stable environment and protecting the Fatherland.

Although the world has undergone major and complex changes, Mr. Son affirmed that Vietnam has properly handled foreign affairs and relations with partners on the basis of steadfast independence, self-reliance, peace and flexible strategy and behavior.

In addition, Vietnam has proactively and actively promoted dialogue and achieved very important results in delimiting and resolving a number of border and territorial issues on the basis of respecting international law and protecting independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Fourthly, foreign affairs takes the leading position in mobilizing external resources, making important contributions to effective control of the Covid-19 pandemic and socio-economic development.

“We have taken good advantage of free trade agreements and new development trends to promote import and export, attract investment, science and technology, contributing to maintaining macroeconomic stability, promoting economic growth, making Vietnam a "bright spot" in the gray picture of the world economy," Mr. Son said.

Fifthly, Vietnam's international position and reputation continue to be enhanced.

The leader of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated that Vietnam is trusted to be elected to many important international positions, especially in ASEAN and the United Nations such as non-permanent member of the Security Council, Vice Chair of the General Assembly of the United Nations for the 77th term, member of the United Nations Human Rights Council for the 2023-2025 term, the World Heritage Committee, the International Law Committee...

Along with that, Vietnam actively contributes to common issues such as combating climate change, cutting emissions, sending officers and soldiers to participate in peacekeeping missions, and providing humanitarian support to the victims, countries suffering from natural disasters, conflicts...

“It can be said that never before has the position, prestige and image of Vietnam as an independent, self-reliant, dynamically developing country, a loyal and sincere friend, a reliable partner, and an active and responsible member ... been as prominent in the international arena as it is today.", said Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son.