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Thứ 6 - 26/02/2016
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Korea Food for the Hungry International’s delegation comes to work in Cam My district
On April 11, the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations in collaboration with the People's Committee of Cam My District received a delegation of Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) and Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd to conduct field surveys in Xuan Dong and Lam San communes, Cam My district to prepare for the charitable medical examination and drug supply program carried out by the Korean medical team.
The delegation of KFHI and Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd exploring the medical station at Xuan Dong commune, Cam My district

In the framework of the working trip, the KFHI’s delegation conducted a survey at the health stations of 2 communes Xuan Dong and Lam San. Mr. Park Sun Jong - Director of KFHI Vietnam said that KFHI would coordinate with Hyosung company to organize the charitable medical examination and provide free medicine for 1000 - 2000 disadvantaged people of 02 communes, which is planned to be implemented in 04 days of fourth quarter of 2023. He wishes the local government to create conditions for the voluntary group of experts and doctors at Korea's leading hospitals to provide free medical examination and medicine to local people, contributing to improving the quality of health for the people.

Representatives of the local government, Mr. Do Nguyen Van Muoi - Vice Chairman of Xuan Dong Commune People's Committee and Mr. Nguyen Sy Son - Vice Chairman of Lam San Commune People's Committee presented their sincere thanks to the sponsor for their support in the health care of the local people. The locality will create favorable conditions for the sponsor to implement the projects in the best possible way. And, it is expected that the sponsor will pay more attention to the projects’ beneficiaries - people with disabilities that can access to wheelchairs and shakers to help them facilitate their movement and reintegration into the community.

The delegation of KFHI and Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd exploring the medical station at Lam San commune, Cam My district

At the end of the survey, the representative of KFHI in Vietnam - Mr. Park Sun Jong acknowledged the comments and information of the local government about the plan to implement the program of charitable medical examination and free drug supply of the Korean medical team. KFHI would issue a report to the sponsor to adjust the projects for appropriate beneficiaries.