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Training writing skills in foreign non - governmental aid mobilization projects
On the morning of September 14, 2022, at the Hall of the People's Committee of Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations in collaboration with the District People's Committee held a training course on writing skills in foreign non - governmental aid mobilization projects for nearly 200 managers and civil servants of offices, divisions, sectors, wards and communes under the District People's Committee and officials and teachers of schools in the district.

Scenery of the training course

Speaking at the opening of the training course, Ms. Bui Thi Lieu - Vice President of Dong Nai Union of Friendship organizations emphasized: foreign non – governmental affairs is identified as an important channel of people – to - people diplomacy in implementing the guidelines, foreign policies of our Party and State. Dong Nai province has gradually built a favorable, more proactive and flexible, legal environment in foreign non – governmental affairs, and has achieved important results. Resources from the cooperation and sponsorship of non – governmental organizations over the years have helped to improve the quality and stabilized the lives of a part of the people, especially people with disabilities and children in low-income families, especially disadvantaged people, people from ethnic minorities, and at the same time provided material and technical support for socio - economic development; timely supported medical equipment and supplies for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic in the province; contributing to speeding up the progress towards the province's sustainable development goals. However, there are still limitations affecting the comprehensive results of the Program to strengthen the foreign non-governmental aid mobilization and cooperation for the period of 2019 - 2025 in the province, for some of the subjective reasons such as: The awareness of foreign non – governmental affairs of a part of grassroots officials is not sufficient, so they do not actively review the needs to write aid mobilization projects; consider foreign non – governmental affairs as economic aid only, not the relationship of cooperation and solidarity between the people of Dong Nai province and the peoples of other countries.

The training on writing skills in foreign non - governmental aid mobilization projects is one of the 6 solutions proposed by the Provincial People's Committee in the Program to strengthen FNG aid mobilization and cooperation in Dong Nai province in the period of 2019 - 2025. Therefore, the training course on project writing skills and instructions on procedures and processes to submit to the Provincial People's Committee for approval of FNG projects organized by the Union of Friendship Organizations in collaboration with the People's Committee of Vinh Cuu District to the officials. district facilities and schools have practical significance to enhance the initiative and coordination in the implementation of the solutions proposed by the Provincial People's Committee.

Master Tran Minh Hai talking about project writing skills

Guiding skills in writing FNG aid mobilization projects, Master Tran Minh Hai - Director of Tuong Lai Center discussed key issues in choosing specific needs to develop project goals and create trust and attract donors to the project. Students had a lively interaction with the reporter, quickly grasped the basic content of the lecture.

On behalf of the foreign non - governmental affairs division under the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations, Ms. Tran Thi Mai gave in-depth instructions on the procedures for making project documents and submitting them to the Provincial People's Committee for approval; key notes for the reception, implementation and management of the foreign non - governmental projects in each stage.

Ms. Tran Thi Mai sharing her experiences in the process of foreign non – governmental aid mobilization.