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Thứ 6 - 26/02/2016
Vietnam - Laos relations: the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation
Celebrating the 132nd Birth Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh President ((19/5/1890 – 19/5/2022)
Celebrating the Labour Day 2022
Celebrating the 47th Anniversary of the Liberation of the South and the National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975 - April 30, 2022)
Celebrating the 71st Anniversary of the Traditional Day of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (November 17, 1950 - November 17, 2021)
Vietnam - Laos Friendship Exchange

On the morning of August 26, the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations and the Provincial Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association organized “the Vietnam - Laos Friendship Exchange” Program. Attending the Program were Mr. Vanhxay Xaysena, Deputy Consul General of the Lao People's Democratic Republic in Ho Chi Minh City; Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Hoang; representatives of leaders of departments, agencies, sectors, unions and more than 420 Vietnamese and Lao students studying at Universities and Colleges in Dong Nai province.

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Mr. Vanhxay Xaysena, Deputy Consul General of the Lao People's Democratic Republic in Ho Chi Minh City talking about Vietnam - Laos relations with officials, members of the Friendship Association and the young generation.

Speaking at the Program, Chairman of the Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association Do Dang Tuoc said that, looking back on the historical journey, since the birth of the Indochinese Communist Party for the leadership of the revolutionary movement, the traditional relationship and the faithful bond among peoples of the two countries laid by President Kaysone Phomvihane and President Suphanouvong has been cultivated by generations of leaders of the two Parties, States and peoples of the two countries and become the valuable property of the peoples of the two countries.

On September 5, 1962, Vietnam and Laos officially established diplomatic relations. This is an important historical event and a very special milestone opening a new chapter in the friendship and cooperation between the two countries, simultaneously creating favorable conditions for the peoples of the two countries to work together to fight against a common enemy, contributing to bringing the two countries' revolutions from one victory to another.

After 1975, the relationship between the two countries entered a new era of peace, independence and joint building of socialism. In order to elevate the special relationship between Vietnam and Laos, on July 18, 1977, the Governments of the two countries signed the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation. The signing of the Treaty affirms the innocent and selfless feelings and commitment to stand side by side in the cause of independence, peace, and socio-economic development of each country. This is also a solid basis for strengthening and promoting relations between the two countries, creating a premise for many comprehensive cooperation agreements in the future.

Entering a new phase, in the context of complicated developments in the world and in the region, the special relationship between Vietnam and Laos has been constantly developing in all fields. The two countries Vietnam - Laos have achieved many important accomplishments in national construction and development; at the same time, always give each other support and help in the spirit of comrades-in-arms.

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Vietnam - Laos Friendship Exchange Program

Also at the Program, in addition to the special cultural performances of the two countries, the delegates and the young generation was shared about the relationship between the two countries by Mr. Vanhxay Xaysena, Deputy Consul General of the Democratic People's Republic of Laos in Ho Chi Minh City; exchanged with former experts, Vietnamese volunteers who fought and worked in Laos, Lao students studying in Dong Nai and young people from Dong Nai Provincial Youth Union with touching stories about the period when the people of the two countries stood side by side, fighting against the common enemy; Since then, help the younger generations of the two countries instill pride and actively participate in people – to - people diplomacy, determine to protect, preserve and develop this sacred and priceless relationship, cultivate the friendship between the two countries Vietnam - Laos friendship “forever green, eternally sustainable”.

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Delegates attending the Exchange Program

On this occasion, Dong Nai province also presented gifts to 35 Lao students studying in the province and launched the branch of the Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association in Thong Nhat district. This is an activity in the series of events to celebrate the Year of Friendship and Solidarity between Vietnam and Laos: the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Laos (September 5, 1962 - September 5, 2022). The 45 Anniversary of the signing of the Vietnam - Laos Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (July 18, 1977 - July 18, 2022).