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Vietnam - Laos relations: the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation
Celebrating the 132nd Birth Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh President ((19/5/1890 – 19/5/2022)
Celebrating the Labour Day 2022
Celebrating the 47th Anniversary of the Liberation of the South and the National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975 - April 30, 2022)
Celebrating the 71st Anniversary of the Traditional Day of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (November 17, 1950 - November 17, 2021)
Celebrating the 55th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Cambodia

On the morning of June 24, in Hanoi, the People's Committee of Ha Noi city solemnly held the 55th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Cambodia (June 24, 1967 - June 24, 2022).

Attending the celebration, on the Vietnamese party, there were Politburo members: Permanent member of the Party Central Committee's Secretariat Vo Van Thuong, Head of the National Steering Committee for the Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Year 2022; Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung.

And there is also the attendance of Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of  the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Central Committee Do Van Chien; Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Propaganda and Education Nguyen Trong Nghia.

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Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai delivered a welcome speech at the Anniversary.

Attending the Celebration were former leaders of the Government; representative leaders of Ministries, Departments, sectors, central and local mass organizations; representatives of veterans, former experts of the voluntary army who fought in Cambodia; heroic Vietnamese mothers; citizens of Hanoi capital.

On the Cambodian party, there were: Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An, Minister of National Assembly, Senate Relations and Inspection of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Vice President of the Cambodian People's Party, Chairman of the Cambodia - Vietnam Friendship Association; Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Cambodia to Vietnam Chay Navuth; leaders of Cambodia - Vietnam Friendship Association; Embassy staff, representatives of Cambodian citizens and students living, studying and working in Vietnam.

Speaking at the Ceremony, on behalf of the leaders of the Party, State and people of Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai sent warm greetings to the Party, State and people of the Kingdom of Cambodia on this happy day of the two countries.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that geographical proximity along with similarities in culture and history are solid foundations for Vietnam and Cambodia to cultivate and develop the long - term traditional relationships in Southeast Asia region.

On June 23, 1967, in a telegram to Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk, President Ho Chi Minh stated: "The establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries is a brilliant symbol of friendship and solidarity. It is an important historical event between Vietnam and Cambodia, a positive factor in maintaining peace in Indochina and Southeast Asia."

Only one day later, on June 24, 1967, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Kingdom of Cambodia officially established diplomatic relations, opening a new chapter in the history of the two countries.

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Artistic performance to celebrate the Anniversary. (Photo: Van Diep/VNA)

During the following years, the people of Vietnam and Cambodia have continued to stand shoulder to shoulder in the struggle for national liberation, provided each other invaluable support and won historic victories together in the Spring of the year 1975.

When the Cambodian people faced the terrible Pol Pot genocide, Vietnam had not yet recovered the heavy consequences of the war. However, Vietnam continued to stand side by side with the patriotic forces and the Cambodian people, to gain the victory on January 7, 1979, liberated the country and Cambodian people from the disaster of extinction, bringing revival to the country of temples and pagodas

"Looking back at a past historical period, we are more deeply aware of the importance of the January 7 victory and more highly appreciate and grateful for the great merits of the armies and peoples of the two countries, especially heroes, martyrs, wounded soldiers, voluntary officials, veterans of Vietnamese voluntary soldiers who participated in the army and performed noble international missions in Cambodia, without concern of hardship, challenges  sacrificed their blood and bones, fighting for the peace and freedom of the Cambodian people, for the solidarity and traditional friendship between the peoples of Vietnam and Cambodia," emphasized the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, with the motto of developing bilateral relations: "Good neighbourliness, traditional friendship, comprehensive cooperation, long - term sustainability," throughout the years, Vietnam - Cambodia relations have been constantly consolidated and developed in all fields, bringing practical benefits to the people of the two countries, making positive contributions to peace, stability and cooperation in the region and the world.

Political relations between the two countries has continued to step up well. The two countries' senior leaders have maintained visits, contacts and exchanges in various forms, even during the complicated context of COVID-19 pandemic. Cooperation between ministries, sectors and localities with practical cooperation mechanisms has been deployed more effectively and in depth.

Various people – to – people diplomacy activities, especially in border provinces, have taken place excitingly and, contributing to raising the people's understanding, especially the younger generations, about the tradition of solidarity, friendship and cooperation and mutual assistance between two countries and people.

Economic, trade and investment cooperation between the two countries has developed rapidly and achieved encouraging results. Two - way trade turnover in 2021 reached 9.54 billion USD, up 79.1% compared to 2020; particularly in the first 5 months of 2022, reached 5.54 billion, up 18.7% over the same period in 2021.

Up to now, Vietnam has had 188 investment projects in Cambodia with a total registered capital of 2.8 billion USD, maintaining its leading position in ASEAN and in the group of 5 countries with the largest direct investment in Cambodia.

Tourism continues to be a potential cooperation field. As soon as the two countries reopened, the number of Vietnamese tourists to Cambodia in the first three months of 2022 reached more than 46,000 people, ranking first among the countries with visitors to Cambodia. Cooperation in the field of security and defense has been continuously strengthened, more and more substantively and effectively.

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai emphasized that as one of the important pillars in the relationship between the two countries, the two parties affirmed that they would not allow any hostile force to use their territory to harm the security of the two countries.

On the basis of Treaties and Agreements of the two countries' senior leaders, functional agencies, authorities and local people at the border of the two parties are actively coordinating to implement the demarcation and planting of landmarks on the mainland.

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Vice President of Cambodian People's Party (CPP), Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An delivered a speech. (Photo: Van Diep/VNA)

In 2019, the two parties signed two legal documents recognizing the achievement of demarcation and planting of landmarks about 84% of the Vietnam - Cambodia land border and are currently trying to negotiate and settle the remaining 16%; continue to build a border of peace, friendship, cooperation and sustainable development."

The governments of the two countries also always create favorable conditions for immigrants of the two countries to live in the territories, in accordance with the laws of each country.

Other areas of cooperation in education and training, transportation, culture, health care and telecommunications are interested and promoted. Every year, Vietnam grants hundreds of long - term scholarships to Cambodian students studying in Vietnam.

Along with that, the number of Vietnamese students studying in Cambodia is increasing. The two countries also regularly organize cultural and artistic exchange activities, especially in border areas. Vietnam regularly organizes groups of voluntary doctors to provide medical examination and treatment and medicine with no charge or no fee to Cambodian people.

Cambodian patients who come to Vietnam for medical examination and treatment are entitled to the same medical examination and treatment fees as Vietnamese. Especially, the two countries are always interested in helping and supporting each other in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides, the two countries also work closely at international, regional and sub-regional forums, especially the United Nations, ASEAN, ASEAN – led mechanisms, Cambodia – Laos - Vietnam Development Triangle areas. ..., contributing to enhancing the position and prestige of each country in the region and in the world.

Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai congratulated Cambodia on recent achievements such as the successful organization of the 5th election of the Commune and Ward Council; the first country in the region and the second country in the world to declare the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, quickly opened up and achieved socio-economic recovery and development, and achieved many positive results in its role as Chair of ASEAN 2022, constantly improve its position in the international arena.

"As a close neighboring nation of the beautiful country of Cambodia, Vietnam is delighted to witness these achievements, and firmly believes that the Cambodian people will continue to achieve greater new victories in the successful construction of a peaceful, stable and prosperous Kingdom of Cambodia, with an increasing role and position in the region and in the international arena," the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

Looking back at the past 55 years, Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai affirmed that, despite many difficulties and challenges along with the ups and downs of history, the traditional solidarity, friendship and comprehensive cooperation and long – term relationship between Vietnam and Cambodia has been continuously consolidated and developed, making practical contributions to the construction and development and prosperity of the two countries.

Vietnam's consistent policy is to support an independent, peaceful, neutral and developed Cambodia. The Vietnamese Party, State and people attach great importance to and give high priority to the fruitful neighborly relationship, traditional friendship, comprehensive and long-term sustainable cooperation with Cambodia.

This is also the desire and determination of the senior leaders of the two countries, as General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said on the occasion of his state visit to Cambodia in 2017: "Even if there are changes in the world and regional situation, Vietnam always respects and will do its best together with Cambodia to preserve and cultivate the Vietnam - Cambodia relationship forever green, eternally sustainable."

Being Delighted to attend the celebration of the two countries in Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Assembly Relations, Senate and Inspectorate of Cambodia Men Sam An emphasized, over the past 55 years, the two countries have always been close friends, good neighbors; together built a relationship of solidarity, friendship, long-standing traditional cooperation and behaved warmly as brothers, teammates, neighbors, and have won great success in cooperation in all fields.

During the war, the two countries side by side fought to help and support each other in the cause of successful liberation from the colonial yoke and independence, sovereignty, freedom and complete national harmony.

Today, the two countries have entered a new page of history thanks to the achievement of peace, territorial integrity, progress and development in all fields, especially in the fields of diplomacy, defense, trade, investment and tourism. The people of the two countries often travel between the two nations for exchanging goods.

In particular, the border area between the two countries is getting closer and closer thanks to the visa - free policy and connection of the transport network with many forms such as road, waterway and airway.

This is a factor that creates favorable conditions for maintaining peace and stability, promoting economic development and improving people's living standards, and reducing poverty for the people of the two countries.

Considering that the settlement of the land border issue is one of the achievements of cooperation between the country, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An assessed that the basic completion of the demarcation and planting of landmarks, jointly preserves and builds a border of peace, friendship, cooperation and development in order to bring practical benefits to the two peoples, especially residents living along the border.

Expressing the most sincere and profound respect and gratitude for the merits of the Party, State, Army and people of Vietnam for always helping and supporting with the people of Cambodia, Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia Men Sam An emphasized that Vietnam's support and assistance has contributed to the development of Cambodia, which was separated due to war, now becomes a unified country with complete peace and development in all areas.

This Anniversary is a testament to the consolidation and cultivation of the friendship, and fruitful cooperation between the peoples of the two countries, which is constantly promoted.

On this occasion, representatives of former experts and Vietnamese voluntary soldiers who participated in the Cambodian revolution; Youth representatives of the two countries shared their feelings during the meaningful event with the two countries and the two peoples.

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