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Nearly 30 Ambassadors and foreign envoys experienced Vietnamese traditional Tet in Duong Lam ancient village

On January 23, 2022, nearly 30 Ambassadors and representatives of foreign offices and international organizations had a visit to Duong Lam ancient village in the outskirts of Hanoi and experienced the activities of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

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The images of the traditional ancient Northern countryside made a strong impression on the participants of the Program. 

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This is one of the activities of the Happy New Year 2022 program with the theme “Tet of Doai” organized by the Hanoi Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Center in collaboration with the People's Committee of Son Tay town and related agencies.

This year's program was held at Duong Lam Ancient Village, Son Tay Town, Hanoi. This is a land of spiritual genius, considered a living museum of Vietnamese culture, the birthplace of great men in history such as Phung Hung, Ngo Quyen, and Giang Van Minh. Duong Lam also attracts tourists by many other unique architectural works and monuments.

The program aims to promote the traditional cultural values ​​of Tet of the Vietnamese people to international friends from diplomatic missions, international organizations and foreigners living and working in Hanoi; at the same time, introduce to tourism businesses a special destination outside of Hanoi to build tourism products to serve tourists on Tet holidays and the Year of the Tiger in 2022.

At the Happy New Year 2022 program, the ambassadors and representatives of international organizations from the countries that are the key markets for Vietnam and Hanoi tourism, currently living and working in Hanoi, had the opportunity to explore the beauty of the ancient village of Duong Lam and experience the traditional Tet market’s atmosphere at Mong Phu communal house yard. At the same time, exploring local specialties, handicrafts, "to he", bamboo dragonflies, unique lacquer works of young artist Nguyen Tan Phat, and experiencing Tet culture, such as watching the calligraphy masters at work, making Kim Hoang paintings, trimming flowers, wrapping banh chung, banh tet, all kinds of sweets, peanut candies, enjoying tea... Besides, the ambassadors also had the opportunity to learn about Tet cuisine, such as making che lam, banh chung, and roasting pork belly. The delegates also experienced traditional folk games like swinging, cock fighting, catching ducks, mandarin square capturing, etc.

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Ambassadors and diplomatic staff experienced the activity of making Tò he - one of the Vietnamese folk games in Duong Lam ancient village. Tò he (toy figurine) is a traditional toy for children in Vietnam which is made from glutinous rice powder in form of edible figurine such as animals, flowers or characters in folk stories.(photo: http:

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The delegates learnt about Vietnamese culture and cuisine during Tet.(photo: http:

Ambassador of the Republic of Chile to Vietnam, Mr. Patricio Becker said: "I have worked in Vietnam for 10 years and really love the country and people of Vietnam, especially Tet. This is the biggest festival of the year for Vietnamese people. This is the occasion when children and family members try to return home no matter where they go. Tet means reunion. Today, I experienced a Tet space and atmosphere in the Vietnamese identity and characteristic. I am very impressed with the lines made by laterite bricks on the countryside walls. Vietnamese Tet is really beautiful. There is no need to change because Tet is really meaningful".

Attending the program, Counselor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Vietnam, Anton Golubev, said, "Nearly 10 years working in Vietnam, at the end of the lunar year, I can really feel the atmosphere of the bustling on the streets of Ha Noi, and I myself also look forward to the Vietnamese New Year. Coming here today, I felt the old Tet, discovered the hundreds of year-old Vietnamese houses, and the people were very friendly and hospitable. This year, although I still have to work during Tet, I will definitely go out to explore and enjoy the atmosphere of Hanoi during the traditional Tet holidays."

Mr. Tran Anh Tuan (Member of the Party Committee of the City, Secretary of the Son Tay Town Party Committee) shared: "Coming to Duong Lam ancient village, we can not only visit the monuments but also feel the tangible and intangible values. After this program, we hope to continue to attract tourists to experience and learn about Vietnam's traditional Tet, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. From there, we could turn cultural values ​​into economic and tourism values”.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Thao - Head of Duong Lam Ancient Village Relic Management Board said: "After this Program, we expect to be able to maintain it monthly and weekly. In addition to serving tourists, the program is a meaningful activity for many young children today who don’t have opportunities to experience the traditional games such as Mandarin Square Capturing, bamboo jacks... Coming to Duong Lam, students can see the natural beauty that can’t be found in the modern society. Above all, the children will also be able to enjoy and expeience a close, authentic Tet and the good traditional values ​​of the national traditional New Year".

Happy New Year 2022 is an activity to implement solutions for economic recovery and development, safe and flexible adaptation, and effective control of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the program "Tet of Doai", the Organizing Committee believes that the program will help generate the love of international friends for Duong Lam, Son Tay town in particular and Hanoi capital in general, as well as promote the tourist destination of Duong Lam - Son Tay and attract international visitors to Vietnam when it is reopened. The program also creates a tourism stimulus effect for domestic tourists who are from the inner city of Hanoi and other provinces coming to Duong Lam to visit, travel, and experience the culture during Tet and the Year of the Tiger in 2022."

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Some images of Dong Lam ancient village