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Thứ 6 - 26/02/2016
Vietnam - Laos relations: the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation
Celebrating the 132nd Birth Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh President ((19/5/1890 – 19/5/2022)
Celebrating the Labour Day 2022
Celebrating the 47th Anniversary of the Liberation of the South and the National Reunification Day (April 30, 1975 - April 30, 2022)
Celebrating the 71st Anniversary of the Traditional Day of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (November 17, 1950 - November 17, 2021)
Connection between enterprises and the Dong Nai-based Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association

In recent years, Korea always remains one among countries holding largest investment in Dong Nai with more than 300 existing projects valued at over USD5 billion in total. Since 2013 til now, there were nine Korean non-governmental organizations coming for survey and sponsorship with total fund of VND16.4 billion in terms of social welfare projects and programs. Korean enterprises has been actively contributed into economic development and job creation to thousands of labour in the province. Regarding the people-to-people alone, the establishment of the Dong Nai-based Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association has helped create a new impetus to promote friendship ties between the two peoples in Korea and Dong Nai province, enhancing mutual acknowledgement and cultural exchanges and deepening solidarity of both nations. 


Lim Jae Hoon – Korean Consul General to Ho Chi Minh city delivers a speech at the 4350th Korean National Foundation Day, held by the provincial Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association

People-to-people exchange – connecting enterprises and localities

Founded thanks for good cooperation between the province and Korean firms in many aspects, the provincial Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association has been facilitated for setting relations with the Korean Consulate General to Ho Chi Minh city and Korean partners operating in Dong Nai.

Right from its first days after establishment, its members, by their enthusiasm and proactiveness, set out course of plans and particular purposes each year, closely work with relevant departments and agencies to host cultural exchanges marking national day and diplomatic relations between the two countries. In addition, the Association also proactively arranges for meeting discussing coordination activities with existing Korean enterprises such as mobilizing for social welfare participation, meeting with students, establishing its sub-associations at enterprises, etc. These initiatives did receive attention from many Korean firms like Taekwang Vina, Changshin, Hyosung, Hwaseung Vina, Lotte Mart, Welcron Global, KCTC, etc.

Growth of sub-associations at enterprises

By November 2018, three sub-associations of Vietnam-Korea friendship have been founded in Dong Nai University, Lac Hong University and Posco VST with 425 members in total. Their operations have initially attracted the participation of members and cooperation with Korean partners is therefore expanded. Especially, with the two sub-associations to be established at enterprises, their activities are expected to help strengthen the relations between Vietnamese labour and Korean investors. In the coming time, these at-enterprise sub-associations will be multiplied mainly in Korean enterprises, bringing their activities to the grassroots levels to help create widespread effects, targeting not only all walks of life but also the Korean partners in Dong Nai.


Mr. Nguyen Minh Hung – Chairman of the provincial Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association handovered the founding decision to its sub-association in Posco VST (Nhon Trach industrial park).

More than three years operating, the provincial Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association still keeps its efforts to become a bridge connecting Dong Nai people and Korean enterprises and organizations as well, contributing to the provincial socio-economic-cultural development, deepening ties between Dong Nai and Korean people.


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