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Vietnam - Laos relations: the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation
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Vietnam-France Friendship Association in Dong Nai: Upholding its proactiveness

Being active, proactive and creative is not limited in the business sectors but also in the work of people-to-people diplomacy where such manners play significant role in a successful implementation of the Party's foreign policies.


Chairman of the Dong Nai-based Vietnam-France Friendship Association (the “Association”) Tran Minh Hung shared that the Association, founded in early 2018, has made great efforts to complete its assigned political missions despite certain difficulties. To this end, it’s required the flexibility and proactiveness of the Executive Committee as well as the Association’s members. Taking a noteworthy example, the Association has helped connect French-teaching schools and local people with diplomatic agencies and French businesses.

By way of establishing many political events by the Dong Nai-based Vietnam-France Friendship Association, not only the Dong Nai-France relations are tightened up, but also it creates a certain influence among society thanks to the works of propaganda, external information and mutual understanding. "The Association strives to combine into and introduce about the Party’s policies as well as the Dong Nai people at every event such as film screening, photo exhibition, cultural performance, painting competition,” Chairman Hung added.

Nguyen Thi Kim Yen, a grade 11 student of Tran Bien High School won the first prize of the "Vietnam - France Friendship” painting competition held by the Vietnam-France Friendship Association. Yen shared that she saves a special love for France. Yen started to study French language at Nguyen Du school at the elementary level. Participating in the painting competition is an opportunity for Yen as well as others to express their feelings through pen strokes and to use the French language they have learned in communications. The competition is indeed a healthy playground for the youth to better understand French culture and French people.

In 2019 alone, the Vietnam-France Friendship Association proved its proactiveness vividly. Most impressive ones, it invited the French Consul General Vincent Floreani and the French Institute in Ho Chi Minh City to visit Nguyen Du primary school - the first French-teaching school in Dong Nai (nearly 100 years old), organized a painting competition with the theme "Vietnam - France friendship". In addition, the Association also celebrated the 46th anniversary of establishment of Vietnam-France diplomatic relations and the International Francophonie Day with the participation of Ms. Jeanne Goffinet, representative of the Vietnam-France Friendship Association in Paris along with 190 representatives coming from departments and students in the province; coordinated with the provincial Union of Friendship Organizations to host a get-together celebrating the 230th French National Day; established a delegation to make a courtesy visit on French national day.

Most friendship associations showed more initiative in their operation in 2019, Vice Chairman of the Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations Nguyen Viet Thang said, adding that such initiative has resulted in the efficiency of the province’s people-to-people diplomacy. Among those, Vietnam-France Friendship Association is an important bridge to foster friendship and strengthen understanding between the two peoples.

Thanks to the initiative, proactiveness and flexibility in implementation of political tasks, the Vietnam-France Friendship Association has gathered a large number of people, teachers and students in the province. People-to-people exchange activities always received the support of the French Consulate General and the French Institute in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, the Association can promote propaganda and introduction activities, enhancing mutual trust and understanding to set as a concrete platform for cooperation in many other fields.

Xuan Quy