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    Vietnam - Thailand Friendship Association of Dong Nai province conference promotes the initiative spirit, plays a good role as a bridge to connect and to promote people exchange.
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    Vietnam and Thailand are two countries with many similarities in history and culture. Currently, the relationship between Vietnam and Thailand is having sustainable cooperation steps in almost all fields, especially in the economy. and in culture. Together with preserving and promoting the good friendship of the two countries, in 2015, People's Committee of Dong Nai Province established the Provincial Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association, since then the Association's activities became bridges to link and created cultural cohesion to promote the development of cooperation, solidarity and friendship relations between the people of Dong Nai province and the Consulate General of Thailand and Thai enterprises in Dong Nai.


    Participants attended the Loy Krathong Cultural Festival (Thailand) organized by the Vietnam-Thailand Friendship Association.

    Promote People’s friendship through the Consulate General of Thailand and Thai Enterprises

    Vietnam - Thailand Friendship Association of Dong Nai Conference has a close relationship with Thai Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City. The cultural exchange activities of the Association always have helps and collaboration with Thai Consulate General such as: Organizing the Loy Krathong Cultural Festival; The Vesak Ritual - Buddha Bathing and Water Sprinkling Ceremony for the elderly to celebrate Songkran traditional Tet. In addition, the association members also actively participated in the activities of the Consulate General of Thailand in Ho Chi Minh city such as: the "Power of Loyalty" and the Oath in Remembrance to King Bhumibol Adulyadej; the Kathina Offering Ceremony organized by Thai Royal Family. Thanks to the activities, they have connected members of Vietnam - Thailand Friendship Association with the Consulate General of Thailand in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as Thai people working at enterprises in Dong Nai province.

    In addition to the achieved results, in the coming time, Vietnam - Thailand Friendship Association will continue to make more efforts with many practical and effective activities, contributing to strengthening, expanding and developing the traditional friendship between Dong Nai and Thai localities in particular, between the two peoples of Vietnam and Thailand in general.

    Celebrating the National Day of the Kingdom of Thailand. 

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