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    Overview on Dong Nai
    Cập nhật 24/07/2019 09:31 Xem với cỡ chữ

    Taking the role as boosting friendship relations between Dong Nai people and others from foreign countries, the Dong Nai-based Union of Friendship Associations (DUFO) during the past five years has placed friendship associations’ development as one among key missions in its first current tenure. Til now, the province of Dong Nai is holding nine bilateral friendship associations with Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Russia Federation, South Korea, Japan, France, China, the United States. These ones have performed their voices into the province’s diplomatic activities, raising mutual acknowledgment, boosting people-to-people exchange and promoting the images of Dong Nai people to the international friends.


    Building friendship links with other people(s)

    Founded in late 2013, DUFO seems to be unfledged in its tasks of promoting friendship and solidarity. Only one member being the provincial Vietnam-Laos Friendship Associations was established in 2009 while Dong Nai then was one among the country’s leading localities for foreign investment and cooperation, earning relations with more than 40 countries and territories globally. Developing member associations, improving the quantity and quality of forces joining people-to-people diplomacy were key missions assigned to DUFO at that time.

    Starting from 2015, more and more bilateral friendship associations have been established in the province, taking the priority towards countries i.e. Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, S.Korea, Japan, France, China and the United States who have traditional ties, strategic partnership and comprehensive cooperation with Vietnam as well as a strong economic-cultural cooperation with Dong Nai. Within four years, by December 2018, there are eight Dong Nai-based friendship associations already born, raising the recent number to nine associations with more than 5,000 individual members. Those units have become bridges to build up the solidarity and friendship ties between Dong Nai province and international friends, mobilizing large number of organizations, individuals and the mass in local people-to-people diplomatic activities.

    Running parallel with efforts paid by DUFO in terms of direction and organisational support, member associations have gradually secured their stability in operation, extending to 32 sub-associations and six inter-associations at grassroots level. These units do proactively coordinate with related provincial departments and agencies to organize cultural/art exchange events, taking initial steps to put their operation into intensive approach, establishing partnership relations with foreign countries and then widely spreading to all classes of inhabitants in the province.

    Colorful friendship

    Born quite later than other localities, DUFO and its member units though did give beautiful impression on international friends as well as the provincial citizens. People-to-people exchange events, under varied contents and means, have received attention from foreign countries’ consulate general to Ho Chi Minh city, FDI enterprises, non-governmental organizarions and the mass. Some are planned to be celebrated annually like welcoming their national day, anniversary of diplomatic relations, cultural and art exchange, art competition, áo dài exhibition, etc. Notably, Korean Consul General to Ho Chi Minh city Park Noh-wan made a visit and his speech before some 400 students in Dong Nai. They all strike a more colorful picture of friendship ties in the province, fostering mutual acknowledgement and the bilateral friendship relations.


    Besides, taking advantage of the endowed strengths, some bilateral units such as with Thailand, S.Korea and China received support and assitance from foreign enterprises running their investment projects in the province. This could be seen as the initial advantages in an attempt to assemble a good relationship between the association and such FDI enterprises. Thanks for humanitarian and social welfare programs launched by friendship associations, nearly VND300 million have been contributed by those FDI enterprises to help underprivileged inhabitants. Such activities already formed the premise conveying the friendship sense of FDI companies to join hands with Dong Nai authority and people to take care of social welfare.

    Together with the Vietnamese authorities and people getting access into an intensive integration globally, the five-years-old Union of Friendship Associations in Dong Nai has gained a strong growth in terms of member associations, owning trust and prestige in its partners, step-by-step enhancing the role of friendship links, bolstering ties between Dong Nai people and others abroad, furnishing into the provincial socio-economic development in the coming time.

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