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    Cập nhật 20/09/2018 14:52 Xem với cỡ chữ

    With the exciting atmosphere of people in the entire country welcoming a new spring, Dong Nai natives, especially pupils with difficult living conditions, have double happiness by significant “spring gifts”. These spring gifts are one of the social welfare projects sponsored by foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for Dong Nai in 2017 which not only contributively solves difficulties, improves the living condition of people in remote areas but also makes certain contributions to the province’s hunger elimination, poverty reduction and socio-economic development.

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    Going-to-school Happiness

    Visiting Thua Duc 1 Primary School in Cam My District on one of the very first days of the New Year 2018, it is very easy to realize a clear change in the school view with its nice clean new classrooms being in use. A system of 5 classrooms, 1 principal’s room, 1 two-storey administrative room, all completely furnished with desks and chairs for teachers and pupils, chalkboards, rest rooms and modernly built is a significant “spring gift” for teachers and pupils of the school on the very first days of the New Year. This is also the result of the project to upgrade and repair the classrooms sponsored by COPION, a Korean organization, with a total sum of over VND2.1 billion and VND1.7 billion from Cam My District People’s Committee. The works were kicked off in August 2017 as a meaningful activity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Vietnam – Korea diplomatic ties and the friendship building between the two peoples, Vietnam and Korea.

    Thua Duc I Primary School is located in a remote commune of Cam My District and was built 17 years ago. Due to a limited local support budget, the school was heavily degraded with a lack of classrooms and administrative rooms which caused teachers and pupils difficulties in their teaching and learning. The significant gift that COPION and the local authority have brought to pupils in Thua Duc Commune is the new school with a deep friendship and more joys of going to school.

    On this occasion, a group of volunteers arranged by COPION has come exchanging with pupils of Nguyen Hue Primary School in Xuan Loc District and repairing the school. The programme showed a friendly relationship between Dong Nai’s pupils and Korean volunteers which helps bring nice new classrooms to pupils with difficult living conditions when the new spring is drawing near.

    In the beginning of the spring 2018, teachers and pupils of Bau Phung Primary School in Vinh Cuu District and Hoang Van Thu Primary School in Thong Nhat District have also received “spring gifts” which are drinking water filtering systems from Dow Chemical Company with a total sum of over VND325 million and a capacity of 1,500 liters per day. Hoang Van Thu Primary School was established nearly 30 years ago with a high ratio of its pupils who are children of poor and nearly poor families. With a total of 665 pupils studying in both sessions of a day together with a big number of teachers and other employees, the school’s demand for clean water is rather high. However, the school cannot afford a drinking water filtering system. Knowing this urgent need, Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations has asked Dow Chemical Company for their sponsor which has brought clean water to the school.


    BOX 1   Mr. Tran Dang Tri, the Principal is happy to say this is a project with its very big and practical significance which helps improve the education quality and enable the school to have enough facilities to carry out its two-session-per-day programme. Especially, it is more meaningful for having been finished when the New Year is drawing near, bringing more joys and motivations to teachers and pupils of the remote District of Cam My.   


    Welcoming the Spring in New Houses

    Completing the project in time so that poor families can welcome the Lunar New Year in their new houses, Les Enfants Du Dragon has given 2 charitable houses to 2 poor households in the two districts of Tan Phu and Dinh Quan with a total sum of VND80 million.

    Also on the very first days of the New Year, poor people, especially households of minority groups in Dinh Quan District merrily welcome the project of building 30 solidarity houses worth over VND47 million per house which has been officially inaugurated. This is a project sponsored by ACEF, a Korean cultural center and Daegu Province Korean Religious Association. At present, in Dinh Quan District there are nearly 2,000 poor households accounting for 3.7% of the district’s population of which 476 poor households are people of minority groups accounting for 24% of the total number of poor households in the locality. Helping poor local people with their settlement in nice houses is very significant in terms of the local social welfare task which helps stabilize the locals’ life when the new spring is coming. Those who have received the solidarity houses must have felt so warm in their new houses that they have been longing for.

    It can be said that “spring gifts” have not only doubled the happiness of welcoming the Lunar New Year of people in remote areas with lots of difficulties in their lives but also shown non-stop efforts made by Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations with its focal role for the mobilization of NGOs’ aids. 2017 was ended with a number of encouraging results and a hope that more meaningful projects from NGOs’ aids in the province will be more warm spring gifts for a brighter future in 2018.


    BOX 2

    In a nice new house which is large and airy, Mr. Ho Van Mang touchedly says this is really the family’s dream house. For this Lunar New Year’s Day, the family can enjoy Tet cosily without a fear of sunshine, wind or rain regularly entering the house as when they lived in the old tole-roofed house temporarily surrounded by wood..

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