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    Overview on Dong Nai
    Cập nhật 20/09/2018 14:46 Xem với cỡ chữ

    Up to now, Dong Nai Province has 6 province-level friendship associations, one district-level friendship association and is making preparations for the establishment of two more ones including the Vietnam – France and the Vietnam – China in early 2018, raising the total number of friendship associations in the province up to 9. Playing its role as a bridge for external relations between people in Dong Nai and people in other countries, in recent years the friendship associations have partially shown their position and their voice in the provincial people’s external relation activities, not only promoting understanding and people’s exchange but also actively taking part in social welfare activities in the province.

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    The outstanding achievement of the friendship associations’performance in 2017 is their activeness to collaboratively organize people’s exchange activities, to mobilize the active participation of the associations’ members which has deepened the friendship associations’ activities, established relationships with partners in other countries and enhanced the associations’ connecting role in the provincial people’s external relations task.

    Promoting the Establishment of Friendship Relations with Partners in Other Countries

    The bilateral friendship associations in Dong Nai Province came into being relatively late compared with other localities in the country. They were set up and started their operation in between 2015 and 2016. With efforts made by Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations to orientate and support the associations’ operation, the organization of the friendship associations was shortly settled down, and their operation was deepened. They avtively established relations with Consulates General and people’s organizations of other countries via people’s exchange activities. Most of the associations’ activities in recent years have taken place with the participation of Consulates General in Ho Chi Minh City, numerous association members and people of all classes in the province. Some associations such as the Vietnam – Laos, the Vietnam – Thailand have actively joined the Central Friendship Association’s delegations to participate in exchange activities in foreign countries or to receive delegations of other countries’Central Friendship Associations visiting Vietnam.

    In addition, with the province’s advantages, the Vietnam - Korea Friendship Association and the Vietnam – Thailand one have also received the care of foreign enterprises being operational in the province and their supports to organize the association’s activities. This is considered initial advantages from the establishment of a good relationship between the associations and foreign enterprises in the province. As for the Vietnam – Korea Friendship Association, after one year of operation, the association has mobilized Korean enterprises’ participation in social welfare programmes in the province suxh as giving scholarships to pupils and Tet gifts to the poor with a total sum of VND95 million. Particularly, in the chain of activities to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Vietnam – Korea Diplomatic Ties and Korea’s National Day, the association in cooperation with the friendship chapters of Dong Nai University and Lac Hong University received Mr. Park Noh-wan – Consul General of Korea in Ho Chi Minh City. The Consul General visited the two universities and talked to nearly 400 students; mobilized sponsors from Korean and Vietnamese enterprises in the province to give equipment to Cay Gao Kindergarten in Vinh Cuu District with a total sum of VND125 million. It was a meaningful activity of friendship where enterprises of the two countries together made their contributions to the province’s social welfare task.

    Developing Association Members and a Network of Friendship Chapters

    Together with establishing and widening friendship relations with partners in other countries, one of friendship associations’ key tasks is to stabilize their organizational structures, to develop members and a network of chapters in order to create a source to participate in exchange activities and ones to advertise images of the country and the locality to people in other countries. According to each association’s features, the development of members is orientated as follows: the Vietnam – Laos and the Vietnam – Cambodia at the provincial level develop their members based on the network of veterans’ associations at all levels; the Vietnam – Korea sets up its potential chapters from universities and Korean FDI enterprises; the Vietnam – Thailand, the Vietnam – Russia and the Vietnam – Japan develop their members with a priority given to overseas Vietnamese, those who are studying and working with partners having a relation with the associations’ activities. In 2017, the total number of the associations’ members was nearly 2,300 of which the Vietnam – Laos has 1,172 members with its 31 chapters.

    Friendship chapters actively carry out activities with the enthusiastic participation of their members such as giving talks to local pupils and students; having meetings with cadres, members; presenting scholarships to Laotian students studying in Dong Nai; organizing musical performance contests, poetry clubs; paying visits to places where the Vietnam – Cambodia Frienship association members used to fight and help their Cambodian friends in Cam My District. 

    Together with Governments at all levels and people in the entire country entering the stage of deep international integration at present, the bilateral friendship associations are gradually enhancing their their role as a friendship connecting bridge deepening the relationship between Dong Nai locals and people in other countries, making contributions to the province’s socio-economic and cultural development in the coming time.

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