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    In order to satisfy the need of people-to-people diplomacy of Dong Nai Province, the PPC issued Decision (no. 3453/QĐ-UBND dated 28th Oct, 2013) on establishing The Dong Nai Union of Friendship Organizations (DUFO). The 1st Executive Committee with 19 members has been elected by the Congress, Mr.Lê Hồng Phương was DUFO Chairmain, Ms. Bùi Ngọc Thanh was DUFO Deputy Chairman for the period 2013 - 2018. In July 2015, Ms. Bùi Ngọc Thanh was appointed as the new Chairman.
    DUFO is a socio-political organization, specialized in people – to – people diplomacy for strengthening the mutual understanding, the solidarity and friendship, and enhance the cooperation between Vietnamese people in general, Dong Nai province people in particular and peoples of other countries, NGOs. It is under the leadership of the Dong Nai Province Party Committee and the Dong Nai Province People’s Committee.
    The Standing Body of DUFO has total 11 people, comprises of the Administration Division and 3 professional divisions: the International Relations Division, the INGOs Affairs Division, the Information Division. From the beginning, the leadership always care about traning and development to help youth employees improve their specialist knowledge, foreign language and diplomatic skills, for renovating and improving the effect of DUFO activities with the motto “proactive, creative, effective”.
    DUFO has built the friendship and democracy relationships between Dong Nai province people and peoples of other countries through friendship associations, such as the Vietnam – Campuchia F.A, the Vietnam – Laos F.A, the Vietnam – Thailand F.A; 03 F.A are on the procedure: The Vietnam – Russia F.A, the Vietnam – Korea F.A, the Vietnam – Japan F.A. DUFO often has many activities; such as exchanges, visits, meetings, events on special holiday or important political occasions; in order to consolidate and intensify the solidarity, friendship, to enhance the cooperation between Vietnam and other countries.
    Besides the diplomatic activies, DUFO also acts as a local agency for building relationships and operating aids form the foreign NGOs. Those projects have made contributions to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty of Dong Nai Province.
    Thanks to the supports of the Dong Nai Province Party Committee and the People’s Committee, as well as the coordination of other departments and DUFO Executive Committee members, DUFO has overcome difficulties and quickly stabilized its development. By the way, DUFO would like to express its appreciation to NGOs, diplomatic departments, organizations, individuals for your assistance and contributions to socio – economic development of Dong Nai poor areas. 
    From now on, DUFO has continued to enhance the relationships and comprehensive coordinations with people of other contries by developing F.As; as the same time, to consolidate the solidarity, friendship with international friends by people – to – people diplomacy activities, mobilize NGOs resources in provincial socio – economic development. 

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