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    Overview on Dong Nai

     Vietnam - Korea

    Basic Information

    1.         Introduction:

    Name: The Dong Nai Province Vietnam – Korea Friendship Association.

    The Dong Nai Province Vietnam – Korea Friendship Association (DNVKFA) is an social organization, a member of the Dong Nai Province Union of Friendship Organizations (DUFO) and the Central Vietnam – Korea Friendship Association. The DNVKFA’s functions are in accordance with the Law of Vietnam, under the leadership of the Dong Nai Province People’s Committee and the orientation of DUFO. The Association has a legal entity, with its own stamp and bank account.

    Based on the Decision No.916/QĐ-UBND of Dong Nai PPC, the DNVKFA was established in March 2015 and then organized its First Congress (term 2016 – 2021) in May 2016. The Congress elected the Executive Committee (which composed of 15 people), the Standing Committee and the Inspection Committee. The Associaciation’s Chairman is Mr.Phạm Minh Đạo – member of the Dong Nai Province Party Committee, Director of  Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

    The DNVKFA currently has more than 130 members.

    2.         Functions:

    To organize activities in order to strengthen and promote the mutual understanding, the multi-faceted cooperation, friendship and special solidarity between Vietnamese people in general, Dong Nai Province people in particular and Korean people.

    The DNVKFA developes its relationships with Korea – Vietnam Friendship organizations, socio – political organizations and enterprizes for the interests of both nations.

    3.         The Standing Committee:


    -        Mr. Pham Minh Dao – Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

    Vice - Chairman

    -        Mr. Pham Viet Phuong – Deputy Director of  Department of Planning and Investment

    -        Mr. Pham Van Cuong – Deputy Director of Dong Nai Industrial zones Authority


    -        Mr. Nguyen Van Chien.

    -        Ms. Le Thi Huong - Secrectary.

    4.         The Executive Committee members:

    -        Mr. Pham Van Cong.

    -        Mr. Dao Duc Trinh.

    -        Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tri.

    -        Mr. Nguyen Huu Hieu.

    -        Mr. Nguyen Van Linh.

    -        Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung.

    -        Mr. Le Van Duc.

    -        Ms. Nguyen Hoang Kim Ngan.

    -        Ms. Tran Thi Phuong Chi.

    -        Ms. Dao Thi Nhan.


    5.         The relationship between Dong Nai and Korea:

    In Dong Nai province, the economic cooperation between Dong Nai and Korea has been expanded and developed continuously; Korea is currently the second in top 3 biggest investors to the province: over USD 5 billion in 264 projects. The Korean enterprizes in Dong Nai have employed over 150,000 people.

    In 1996, hoping to strengthen the cooperation between Dong Nai province and Gyeongnam province, a friendship cooperation agreement in various fiels was signed. During 20 years, the relationship between Vietnam in general, Dong Nai province in particular and Korean provinces, especially Gyeongnam province, has been maintained and developed with encouraging results. Besides, the traditional culture exchanges between Dong Nai and Gyeongnam have been extended through cultural exchange trips, Dong Nai human resources training courses in Korea. These activities not only create chances for youngers to learn about manners and customs of  both countries, but also contribute to the friendship of Gyeongnam and Đồng Nai in particular, Vietnam and Korea in general.

    6.         Contact information:

    The Dong Nai Province Vietnam – Korea Friendship Association. 

    Address: No.129,  Ha Huy Giap Street, Quyet Thang Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province.

    Tel: (84) 613 843 909 - Fax: (84) 613 846 066.​
    Address: No. 129, Ha Huy Giap Street, Quyet Thang Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
    Tel: 84-61-3843909
    Fax: 84-61-3846066
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